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ailiaSDKWhat is it?
"ailia SDK" is developed based on the knowledge and expertise cultivated by axell and ax as an LSI manufacturer.
It is the world's fastest level inference engine. The ailia SDK is an AI framework specialized in inference.
By adopting a cross-platform approach, consistent development becomes possible.
Connect various "AI models" and the "execution platform" of OS and hardware, and do not connect to the network.
We offer a world-class AI development environment that utilizes secure and high-speed edge AI.
  • Reason for support ❶
    Also on smartphone devices.
    It is possible to implement without stress.
    It has a wide coverage, supporting over 150 types of ONNX operators, and has fewer errors and less stress when transferring to iOS and Android.
  • Reasons for support ❷
    For iOS and Android use.
    In-house development of library.
    Ensure execution on smartphones without using libraries provided by in-house vendors for each platform for using AI on GPUs.
  • Reason for support ❸
    For each platform.
    Always provide the latest version.
    We have prepared a wide variety of samples tailored to each platform's latest version, making it easy and smooth to introduce.
  • Reasons for support ❹
    Creating new samples as well
    Flexible response
    We will flexibly respond to the development of new sample code. Developed sample code is publicly released and also used for implementing new AI models.


Latest lineup
AI as a companion for everyday work
Wide range of support from sales positions to research positions.
Accelerate office work with AI
Easy and safe DX app.
  • Instantly answer questions even at customer sites.
  • Summarize the entered minutes of the meeting immediately.
  • It is possible to translate texts between Japanese and English.
  • Generate jokes from loaded material!?
Speech recognition library
It works even offline because it's edge!
Compatible with any platform.
Real-time voice recognition function
  • Create automatic minutes offline.
  • Supports 99 languages in real-time translation.
  • To be able to give instructions to machines with voice.
  • When you speak, your smartphone transcribes it into text.
AI to all devices
(System on Chip)
The appeal lies in the vast learning models and high versatility!
In the embedded AI scene.
"ailia SDK" demonstrates its superiority.
  • Multi-platform specification
  • Prepare a huge number of learning models.
  • Latest AI model can be utilized.
  • Extensive support system in various fields.


Can be implemented on any device.
Edge AI framework developed independently.
Providing a consistent inference environment across platforms.
Connect an "AI model" that outputs various recognitions and results to an "execution platform" of OS and hardware.
It is a world-class AI development environment that enables fast edge AI.
Special MovieAccelerate the implementation of AI in society.
Accelerating the social implementation of AI.
ailia's demo app
This is an application that allows you to easily try out various AI functions. It realizes high-speed inference by maximizing the use of CPU and GPU through "ailia SDK".
Google Play
Mac App Store
The best AI development experience is here.
You can experience AI demos online and download ailia SDK trial.
Start Free Trial
More than 300 learning models are available in the lineup.


As part of its social contribution, Axle aims to
I am actively working to support students and companies.
  • AI Contest for Students
    We host various contests for students, with the leading one being the "Axell AI Contest". Through this event, which is held based on themes centered around AI, we provide students with opportunities to engage in practical AI tasks and improve their skills by tackling real-world challenges.
  • Startup program
    Axel actively supports startup companies, providing consulting support for system implementation and a total solution that includes everything from "learning" to "inference" required for AI implementation to support the creation of a future using AI from various angles.




"Specialized staff will support you from initial introduction to post-operation care in an easy-to-understand manner."
We also offer a one-month trial version that can help you consider implementation.
Please feel free to try it out, and our professional staff will carefully assist you with the actual introduction process.
  • STEP1
    You can try the free trial download before contacting us only by entering your email address. If you need any assistance, please contact us by email or Slack.
  • STEP2
    If you are satisfied with the trial version, please contact us by email or slack for further quotation and we will be flexible to assist with sample creation and other consultations while confirming requirements.
  • STEP3
    Introduction and operation
    We will provide support and assistance tailored to the requirements, such as various consulting and specific application development, while conducting meetings via phone calls or web meetings, to facilitate implementation.
  • STEP4
    We will provide answers to simple questions during the implementation phase, and also offer consultation for post-implementation and discussions regarding app development and improvements, and propose suitable solutions.


We humans, over the course of a long history.
Create new technology every day.
Building society by making full use of that technology.
I have built up tomorrow

AI is also created by human hands.
Together we have walked.
AI is indispensable for a comfortable everyday life.
It has already blended into daily life.

And the key to unlocking the door to further freedom is,
ailia SDK is the world's fastest inference engine.
I am not inferior to other countries in AI technology.
One of the world's leading AI solutions developed in Japan.
Still today, by the hands of humans.
I continue to improve performance day by day.

AI frees people.
We aspire to a more free and prosperous future.
It is already within reach.
ailia SDK corporate list
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ailia brand official character
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