Document search, translation, minutes of meetings, image generation and more!
AI as a close partner for everyday work. A DX app that does everything at once.

DX Insight

With the emergence of various generative AI, The movement to streamline business processes with AI is accelerating. Among them, the business use of "ChatGPT" contributes to the improvement of a company's competitiveness. AI is becoming central to DX, being valued and all. ailia DX Insight is part of the ailia DX series. An AI for office work has become one DX app. We will support DX in various business operations from multiple angles.
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Digital transformation of companies to the next stage with AI. Secure DX app "ailia DX"
"ailia DX" for Windows and macOS. It is a functioning DX app.
In addition to regular ChatGPT functions ailia's unique text search and image search.
Adding functions such as voice recognition.

"ailia DX" is safe.

Previously, in order to handle text within a company using ChatGPT, it was necessary to upload all the text to a server. With "ailia DX," however, text within a company is processed offline and only a portion of the text found through searches is uploaded to the server. Additionally, for applications requiring high-level security, it is equipped with the function to use a local LLM instead of ChatGPT.By preparing the local LLM server within the company, it is possible to create a completely secure environment.


Supporting a wide range of positions from sales to research positions.
"ailia DX Insight"
Various usage examples
"ailia DX Insight" is
In a wide range of industries,
Smart and effective accelerate DX.
  • Sales position
    Questions and Answers
    Read the product specification document.
    Answering user's questions is possible.
    Work in call centers and other places.
    Speed up
  • Sales position
    Meeting minutes
    Please input the minutes of the meeting.
    It is possible to summarize.
  • Research position
    Load a large number of English papers and read them.
    It is possible to ask questions about the content of the paper.
  • Research position
    It is possible to translate each other.
    Convenient for creating emails to overseas.
  • Other
    ChatGPT to specific theme
    It is possible to have ideas
  • Other
    Script generation
    From the text, macros and scripts are Translated:
    You can generate with ChatGPT.


Specialized staff
We will support you
Implementation, development, and ongoing support.
Both emails and meetings are possible to handle.
For both development bases and headquarters functions, it is domestic.
Prompt and thorough follow-up
I will do it.


Just install it.
Various AI are available for use.
From sales positions to research positions, even to comedy.
"ailia DX Insight" is
Translation: DX of various business genres
Support is provided through one easy-to-use app.
  • POINT 1

    Article search mode.Unique function

    ChatGPT can only provide answers based on publicly available information, so it cannot answer questions about internal company information or product information. However, with "ailia DX," it is possible to use PDFs or text to provide ChatGPT with answers based on internal company information. Additionally, it can answer questions in Japanese regarding English specification documents and can be effective in providing user support for products.
  • POINT 2

    Image search modeUnique features

    In "ailia DX", you can search for images from text offline. AI automatically tags images and allows you to search for text such as company photos. It also supports searching for similar images from the image.
  • POINT 3

    Image generation modeUnique function

    With "ailia DX", you can generate images for presentations, etc. You can use DALL·E to generate images from text.
  • POINT 4

    Minutes creation modeUnique functionality

    ailia DX has a high-performance offline speech recognition engine, which allows you to securely obtain meeting minutes within a company offline. You can also create meeting minutes from a computer's microphone.
  • POINT 5

    No code required
    Automation of workIn development

    It is possible to combine ChatGPT and "ailia DX" unique AI to define workflows in no code and also perform routine tasks for documents with just one click.
  • POINT 6

    ChatGPT 35 and 4
    Compatible with both.

    Supports standard features of ChatGPT.
    ChatGPT operates more smoothly and faster with the comfortable operability of native apps compared to using it from a browser.
  • POINT 7

    Support for local LLM

    It is compatible with local LLMs that operate on-premises, such as CALM2-7B-CHAT. By using a local LLM, it is possible to operate "ailia DX" in a completely secure environment without using ChatGPT.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Regarding the frequently asked questions inquiries,
We will post the answer.
  • NoPlease let me know the specifications of the available computer.
    AYou need a CPU of Core i7 or higher and 8GB or more of memory in both Windows and Linux environments.
    For macOS environment, a CPU of M1 or higher and 8GB or more of memory are required.
  • ADo you need a GPU?
    Aailia DX Insight can be executed on CPU only.
    We plan to make GPUs available for customers who want to use even more advanced AI in the future.
  • QCan I use the shared folder?
    Aailia DX Insight can handle mounted files, so it can also use shared folders via the network.
  • QPlease tell me the supported file formats.
    AIt supports the following document formats.
    'c', 'cpp', 'csv', 'json', 'java', 'md', 'py', 'rb', 'tex', 'txt', 'css', 'php', 'pdf', 'docx', 'xlsx'

    It supports the following image formats.
    'png', 'jpg', 'jpeg'

    It supports the following audio formats.
  • WhatYes, you can use ChatGPT without an API KEY.
    AMinutes and image search, OCR can be used even without a ChatGPT API KEY.
    For text search, chat, translation, and summarization, you need a ChatGPT API KEY.
  • APlease let me know about the functions you plan to add in the future.
    AAdded voice search function and offline translation function.
  • QPlease tell me the price.
    AYou can use it for free as a beta version until the end of March 2024.
    After April 2024, you can evaluate it for 30 days free of charge.
    We plan to have a subscription model for the product version.


Documents and sample programs, etc.
We have prepared
  • DocumentI will introduce the details of the introduction method and how to use it.
  • Support SlackIt is possible to ask questions via chat.
  • Inquiry about the app.ContactPlease feel free to inquire.


Development and implementation support.
Not only providing the library, but also
Consulting, development, and implementation are also possible.

AI Development Support Service
"ailia WORKS"

Not only providing AI technology, but also suggesting the best problem-solving through various AI development support for customers.
We will meet all of our customers' needs, such as implementing meeting minutes functionality and developing voice control functionality.
  • Development of AI applications
  • Development of server systems using cloud.
  • Development of AI model algorithms
  • Porting to embedded devices.
ailia SDK corporate list
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